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There are always a wide range of reasons people go to a printer, but every customer who goes to a printer is expecting to get a high-quality print job for the investment they make. However, all print services are not the same in quality and ability. 

Generally, there are two different types of printer businesses, the quick print shops, and the more advanced full-service printers. While a baseline print shop can often handle smaller jobs that are less complex, a full-service printer is usually the only one who can offer comprehensive are larger printing service needs. 

At Central Print & Reprographic Services, we offer a comprehensive full-service print shop. If it can be printed, we can usually print it for you. We also understand some of our customers are a little unsure of what type of printing services they need for a project they are trying to create. Our full staff of print and design professionals are here to help guide you in buying the right product or service for your business, personal, or professional needs.

Our Print Services Include:

  • Full-Service Printing Services
  • Direct Print Signage Services
  • Large Format Color or Construction Document Printing
  • Printer Machine, Plotter and Supply Sales
  • Printer Repair Services

Full-Service Printing and Copying Services- We have top of the line digital copying services with our Konica and Xerox Digital Printers for both black and white and multi-colored projects. We can facilitate both small and large digital print projects.

When it comes to personal, professional, or business offset printing needs, our full-service printing includes both color and black and white printing. We can help you design and print your booklets, manuals, brochures, flyers, and posters for events and business promotions. We can print on either plain or glossy stock paper, and we offer up to six colors with the ability to print a project up to 29 inches wide.

For people in need of personal or business larger sized posters or banners, we offer a full line of choices. Banners and posters can be printed in single or multi-colored formats.

Direct Print and Signage Services-For businesses, professional and personal use, we offer a full direct signage print service. No matter what your needs are from decals and magnetics to full signs, we can handle it all. We also offer printing on a full line of materials for signage, including corrugated plastic, foamcore, ultra-board, PVC, cardstock, aluminum composite, and more. When it comes to more traditional roll materials for signage, we can print on vinyl, magnet, labels, static cling, wall adhesives, and more.

Since companies may be unsure of what product would suit their signage needs best, it may be helpful to speak with one of our sign specialists to talk about your specific signage needs and see how we can best help your business, professional or personal signage goals.

Our full line of signage and direct print offerings include:

  • Decals
  • Banners
  • Magnetics
  • Wall Graphics
  • Posters
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Company Fleet Graphics
  • Display Products
  • Exhibit & Trade Show Displays
  • Wayfinding Signage
  • Architectural Signage
  • Real Estate Signs
  • Business Display Signs
  • Sidewalk Signs
  • Corrugated Signs
  • Construction Signs
  • Metal Signs

Large Format Construction Document Printing- For business and construction project needs, we also offer a full service of large format and construction printing services. We can provide laminate and wall mounting on sizes up to 36 inches wide and standard large-format color printing up to 42 inches wide.

Our construction printing gives the sharpest detail and is perfect for architectural and construction prints. Our Oce machines create some of the best grayscale shading and color printing available for all construction and architectural print needs.

Printer Machine, Plotter and Supply Sales- In addition to offering full-service printing and signage services, we also offer a complete line of printer machines including Oce, HP, and Canon. We also carry a full supply of plotter and printer supply products including toner and ink supplies as well as a full line of paper supply products. For specialized or out of stock products, we can special order as well. This includes a full range of design supply, drawings and print portable storage racks and multi-drawer storage equipment. 

Printer Repair Services- For businesses that have printer machines that need repair, our company offers repair services as well. To learn more about our printer repair services, our repair professionals can schedule an appointment with you for services anytime.

No matter what your printing service needs are, Central Print & Reprographic Services offers some of the best prices on printing products and services in the state of Oregon. Companies who have projects and wish to learn more about costs can get a free estimate for any project large or small. To learn more about what we offer and what we can do for your business, personal or professional needs give us a call today to learn more.

Central Print & Reprographic
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