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There are always a wide range of reasons people go to a printer, but every customer who goes to a printer is expecting to get a high-quality print job for the investment they make. However, all print services are not the same in quality and ability. 

Generally, there are two different types of printer businesses, the quick print shops, and the more advanced full-service printers. While a baseline print shop can often handle smaller jobs that are less complex, a full-service printer is usually the only one who can offer comprehensive are larger printing service needs. 

At Central Print & Reprographic Services, we offer a comprehensive full-service print shop. If it can be printed, we can usually print it for you. We also understand some of our customers are a little unsure of what type of printing services they need for a project they are trying to create. Our full staff of print and design professionals are here to help guide you in buying the right product or service for your business, personal, or professional needs.

Our Print Services Include:

  • Full-Service Printing Services
  • Direct Print Signage Services
  • Large Format Color or Construction Document Printing
  • Printer Machine, Plotter and Supply Sales
  • Printer Repair Services

Full-Service Printing and Copying Services- We have top of the line digital copying services with our Konica and Xerox Digital Printers for both black and white and multi-colored projects. We can facilitate both small and large digital print projects.

When it comes to personal, professional, or business offset printing needs, our full-service printing includes both color and black and white printing. We can help you design and print your booklets, manuals, brochures, flyers, and posters for events and business promotions. We can print on either plain or glossy stock paper, and we offer up to six colors with the ability to print a project up to 29 inches wide.

For people in need of personal or business larger sized posters or banners, we offer a full line of choices. Banners and posters can be printed in single or multi-colored formats.

Direct Print and Signage Services-For businesses, professional and personal use, we offer a full direct signage print service. No matter what your needs are from decals and magnetics to full signs, we can handle it all. We also offer printing on a full line of materials for signage, including corrugated plastic, foamcore, ultra-board, PVC, cardstock, aluminum composite, and more. When it comes to more traditional roll materials for signage, we can print on vinyl, magnet, labels, static cling, wall adhesives, and more.

Since companies may be unsure of what product would suit their signage needs best, it may be helpful to speak with one of our sign specialists to talk about your specific signage needs and see how we can best help your business, professional or personal signage goals.

Our full line of signage and direct print offerings include:

  • Decals
  • Banners
  • Magnetics
  • Wall Graphics
  • Posters
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Company Fleet Graphics
  • Display Products
  • Exhibit & Trade Show Displays
  • Wayfinding Signage
  • Architectural Signage
  • Real Estate Signs
  • Business Display Signs
  • Sidewalk Signs
  • Corrugated Signs
  • Construction Signs
  • Metal Signs

Large Format Construction Document Printing- For business and construction project needs, we also offer a full service of large format and construction printing services. We can provide laminate and wall mounting on sizes up to 36 inches wide and standard large-format color printing up to 42 inches wide.

Our construction printing gives the sharpest detail and is perfect for architectural and construction prints. Our Oce machines create some of the best grayscale shading and color printing available for all construction and architectural print needs.

Printer Machine, Plotter and Supply Sales- In addition to offering full-service printing and signage services, we also offer a complete line of printer machines including Oce, HP, and Canon. We also carry a full supply of plotter and printer supply products including toner and ink supplies as well as a full line of paper supply products. For specialized or out of stock products, we can special order as well. This includes a full range of design supply, drawings and print portable storage racks and multi-drawer storage equipment. 

Printer Repair Services- For businesses that have printer machines that need repair, our company offers repair services as well. To learn more about our printer repair services, our repair professionals can schedule an appointment with you for services anytime.

No matter what your printing service needs are, Central Print & Reprographic Services offers some of the best prices on printing products and services in the state of Oregon. Companies who have projects and wish to learn more about costs can get a free estimate for any project large or small. To learn more about what we offer and what we can do for your business, personal or professional needs give us a call today to learn more.

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Eugene Oregon Printing

Print Shop Eugene Oregon

Why a Local Printing Shop is Best

Whether you are looking for signs for your business or high quality photo prints for family and friends, a specialty print shop is always the best route to take. When compared to larger retail stores that offer printing services but don’t specialize in them, a print shop will always reign superior in quality and customer service. Another thing to consider is the variety of options and products that you won’t find at a big name retailer. Print shops usually carry a number of multi-purpose and specifically purposed printers and tools to make sure that the resulting products are made to the highest of standards. Some of the services that you can expect from a print shop are sign making—like banners, large static-clings, and back-lit signs—high resolution photo prints, stickers, and even schematics and technical documents. There are few factors that make print shops the go to location for ensuring the highest of quality, while saving time and money at the same time. Let’s look at a few of them here.

High Quality

Like the name suggests, a print shop will provide a number of different printing services. But unlike a big generic retail store, a print shop will have a large number of specialized printers specific to a number of print jobs. From vinyl overlays to direct prints, CAD printers and supplies, and printers designed specifically for large or wide format graphics, print shop employees are experts in pairing your visions with the right tools for the job. Choosing a print shop over a retail store for printing is like choosing a bakery over a grocery store for a birthday cake; yes, you will still leave with a cake, but the bakery will be able to get exactly what you want made, from individual flavored tiers and colors to decorations, size, and shape. A lot of this is because of their expertise, but a lot of it is the quality of their tools and ingredients as well. Big name printer brands like Canon, HP, and OCE are top of the line when it comes to quality and consistency, and most print shops invest the money into brands like these to make sure they have the best around.

The Best Variety of Materials and Options

One of the most appealing factors of using a print shop is the flexibility in material choice and options. Rather than just selecting a size for your banner or sign and picking between one or two materials, a print shop will have specific printers and materials to allow for a wide variety of options. Direct printing and vinyl overlays are two different techniques for making large sign prints. Direct printing allows a graphic to be printed directly on the material of choice, whether it is foam board, PVC, metal sheeting, or even adhesive materials for large decals and stickers. Some benefits to this method include increased durability and resistance to outdoor elements depending on the type of ink used. Additionally, the customer can be more creative because of the giant selection of materials that can be printed on. Vinyl overlays are different; the graphic is printed onto a vinyl film that can then be placed on a backing of choice. These products are not as durable against the elements, but their shorter lifespan is supplemented with ability to peel them off and replace them. This can be a good option for signs that need updating frequently, such as advertisements for limited specials, or information that changes often like menus. Both of these options are likely available at print shops and the choice may not be available at your typical retail store.

High Detailed Work Where It Matters

While family photos for small frames at home can be a little more forgiving when it comes to fine details and quality, professionals such as contractors, construction workers, and architects rely on the highest quality detailed work available when it comes to their prints and graphics. Blueprints, spec books, wiring diagrams, and even surveyor plots require the finest of print quality because they rely on extreme details and accuracy. This is where a print shop is basically the only option. From CAD specific printers to consistency in accuracy, a print shop can provide unparalleled accuracy and quality. Reprographics (for construction work) can trust in the dependency of a print shop, and when it comes to high volume orders and contracts, print shops are likely to be more flexible when it comes to orders.

Your One Stop For Everything

If you are looking for a printer to purchase, or materials for a printer that you already own, a print shop is the best bet at getting a good deal. Not only can they likely get you a better deal, but their customer service will be much more personal, and they can lean on their expertise to help point you in the right direction based on your printing needs.

For all these reasons and more, a local print shop can be a great asset for small businesses, organizations, and artists of all kinds. If you are looking for a print shop in Eugene, Oregon, Central Print and Reprographics is a great choice—offering a wide selection of products and services, including direct print signage, reprographics, and printers and supplies of all types.

Central Print & Reprographic
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Print Shop Eugene

Printer Repair Eugene Oregon

Central Print & Reprographic’s in Eugene, Oregon, can help you to keep your printer up and running. When you start having problems, you feel frustrated because you have an important project coming up that you don’t want to be late on finishing. It’s for an important client, and to be late on the project would look bad. Here at Central Print and Reprographics, we have dedicated much our time to thinking and helping customers to get a much better deal on their printer repairs. 

Why Do People Choose Us?

You have a couple of different reasons that people have chosen to request repairs from us. Some of the reasons include: 

  • Expert repair services
  • Competitively priced repairs
  • Friendly and caring experts

When people walk through the doors of our establishment, our staff greet you with a smile. We understand the importance of customer service from the beginning to the end. You can’t underestimate the assistance that we give. People who visit us have noticed how we have deadline-oriented technicians who show up when they say they will, and they fix the problem as quickly as possible. We understand that you have a timeline that you have to fulfill, and that’s why we don’t mess around when it comes to helping customers. 

The Field of Construction Printing

As an architect or project planner, you can’t afford to lose precious time because it can put your entire construction project behind. Something as simple as the plotter malfunctioning can turn your entire project into a nightmare of tedium. You can find yourself weeks behind schedule and have an angry client as a consequence of it. It’s important that you try to address these concerns as quickly as possible to deal with them in advance. The construction industry faces a lot of demands and deadlines that you have to keep up with. 

Doesn’t Matter the Type of Printer

Most of the time, when people imagine having a printer repaired, they think of a piece of junk that breaks down constantly. However, you can have the best model and still have problems with it breaking down. This is a fact of life. As it performs its tasks, you have a lot of moving internal parts. This leaves a lot of room for things to go wrong. When you experience problems with your printer, having a technician who can respond promptly is one of your greatest assets. Every printer, as it starts to age—like cars—will begin to experience problems. You want to keep the repairs from happening, but the best way of doing this is through hiring a technician who has a deep and thorough understanding of how this stuff works. 

Here at Central Print and Reprographics, we have taken the time to hire a team of all-stars that understand the process of printing. This can mean a great deal of work, but we will be there for you no matter what. 

Who Benefits the Most from our Eugene Oregon Services?

We would have to say that the people who can benefit the most from our services are the business owners. Our business proudly serves the Eugene community with solid services. We’re here because we want to keep you from experiencing crippling problems during its operation. Everything must run smoothly and remain in good shape. These are all important things that will keep your business running well and your customers will stay happy. 

Experience Does Matter

Experience does play a major role in fixing a printer. You won’t find another company in the area that has as thorough of an understanding of how to fix problems quickly. During our time in this industry, we have seen many things. We don’t treat any job as too small, and at the same time, we’re not afraid to take on the bigger tasks either. For example, maybe you have a few malfunctioning CAD printers that need repair. Our technicians will stand behind you and back you from the start to the end. We believe that customer service runs in a circle, and it never ends. This is a process of ensuring that customers always receive what they truly wanted. 

Getting the Help That You Deserve

We offer fast and affordable repairs to our customers because we care about your happiness. This is the type of customer service that we would want. You’ve come to the right place to get the printing help that you deserve. Our technicians repair your printer with dependable parts, and we can also perform regular maintenance on your printers so that you catch the expensive repair problems before they have the chance to blossom into a multi-thousand-dollar repair. In general, we recommend that you have printer maintenance performed once every two years at a minimum. 

We will Carefully Resolve Mechanical Problems 

Like most of the products we own, your printer will last much longer when you take care of it. We have seen it many times where even a problem as minor as a paper jam led to serious problems later. Instead of letting this frustrate you when it does happen, you could refer to the owner’s manual. However, if the problem seems to keep occurring, it could be due to a deeper-seated issue. In those cases, we recommend that you hire someone who understands how to help. 

At Central Print, we offer our assistance to customers because we believe that we’re some of the best in the Eugene, Oregon, region. You will have a hard time finding experts who can do a better job at keeping your printer up and running. We can also show you how to properly care for your printer so that it will continue to run for a long time. Nowadays, the lifeblood of businesses depend on the quality of their technology, and you can’t remain effective if you have to constantly repair your printer because it doesn’t work.

We also offer the following services:

  • Printing
  • Office Imaging
  • HP Printer Repair
  • Epson Printer Repair
  • Repairs For Laser Printer
  • Printer Repair Eugene Oregon
  • And Some Office Equipment

We are the official repair center in Eugene. Bring in your printer today to get an accurate repair cost or call us at 541-342-3624.